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Principle Choice Solutions, LLC (PCS) are trusted and respected healthcare revenue cycle experts. Even more than our experience, our level of service rises above others because we are passionate about what we do. We have a deep appreciation for the dedication and the life-improving service our clients provide to the community. Our reward is in helping public and private healthcare organizations stay viable by providing our clients a continuous and reliable source of revenue so they can focus on serving their community and providing outstanding patient care.

We Offer

PCS provides a variety of services that are tailored to each of our individual clients and their needs. Below is a list of all of our current service lines.

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Financial Analytics

PCS currently provides highly successful program management and subject matter expertise for Military Health System activities directly supporting the Planning, Programming, Budget, and Execution cycle and the evaluation of federal resources and programs that require coordination across multiple agencies. PCS associates consult on the allocation of medical appropriations for 9,000+ critical programs valued at more than $3B and have been instrumental in advising and supporting the Air Force and the Defense Health Agency as they implement the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act, which directed the transition of healthcare administration away from the military services. This endeavor necessitates the use of advanced change management techniques, communication methods, and technical expertise in programming and planning concepts to ensure the smooth transfer of responsibilities for 75 medical facilities.

Staff reviewing financial analytics
Medical employee reviewing medical billing and collections data

Medical Billing & Collections

PCS uses a proactive and innovative approach to medical billing that maximizes collections and produces "clean and solvent" revenue that follows federal regulations.  Our revenue cycle management team provides clients a revenue recapture program that significantly alleviates unnecessary denials and appeals, resulting in quicker reimbursement without delays. Our process significantly reduces the number of claims typically turned over to collection agencies and decreases Days in A/R, thus producing greater revenue to our clients in a more timely manner. Our clients have enjoyed a decrease of Days in A/R from >68 to <35 within three months of implementing our solution. 

Medical Claims Processing

Principle Choice Solutions provides comprehensive medical claims processing for the VA. PCS Associates utilize multiple VA platforms, including eCams and FBCS, to accurately and efficiently process authorized and unauthorized claims for all eligible Veterans. We currently provide this service to all VA VISNs, processing millions of claims annually. 

Employee Processing Medical Claims
Executives making referrals and shaking hands

Referral Management

Principle Choice Solutions (PCS) supports the Department of Defense with medical referral management services. Our services include assisting patients and medical providers by ensuring timely receipt of medical referrals for a wide range of services, including medical and surgical specialists, labs, emergency departments, and hospitals. PCS provides the expertise needed to ensure that all referrals meet the time-sensitive needs of the patients and their providers while also establishing relationships with all providers and service organizations within the communities we serve.

Leadership Development

We assist organizations of all sizes in developing leadership competencies, preparing structures and long-term strategic plans. We have developed a specialized curriculum and training that will benefit the long-term strategy of your organization. 

Manager talking during leadership development training
Laptop being used for medical coding and stethoscope

Medical Coding/CDI/HIM

PCS understands the key to accurate medical records and billing starts with pristine documentation and medical coding. We are trusted and respected healthcare revenue cycle experts and have vast experience providing medical coding, clinical documentation improvement (CDI), and Health Information Management (HIM) expertise and services to all sizes and specialties of healthcare organizations. Our coding team of experts has averaged just above 98% in coding accuracy and has enabled clients to decrease their Discharged Not Final Billed (DNFB) from an average of 14 days to below three days. 

Program Management

PCS provides customized program management and subject matter expertise for providers and healthcare organizations. Contact us for a consultation. 

Employees managing programs and data
Customer service representative with headset on computer

Customer Service

Principle Choice Solutions offers extensive call center services to the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) for all VISNs. Specifically, our associates provide a full range of quality customer service on behalf of the VA for Veterans and the medical providers that treat them for Community Care and ChampVA programs. We accurately and efficiently assist veterans and providers in understanding medical claim and payment status, ensuring eligibility for reimbursement, and process changes and updates regarding claims submitted for reimbursement. We also provide a 72 Hour Notification Hotline to support the Centralized Authorization Emergency Care (CAEC) program for the VA to begin the crucial coordination of care for Veterans seeking emergency treatment at community hospitals.

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