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Bringing Hope, Health, and Healing in the place that matters most - Home.

Occupational Therapy
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Access hospital-quality services in the safety & comfort of your home

  • Services performed by licensed and certified professionals
  • Relief and support for family caregivers
  • Reduced risk of falls and hospital readmissions
  • Education for adapting to new or temporary limitations
  • Greater independence while still receiving care 
Man with his home care nurse

Skilled Nursing

Licensed RNs and LPNs monitor vital signs and symptoms, provide wound/ostomy/intravenous care, educate caregivers, teach about health risks, and detect early symptoms that can lead to hospitalization. 

Man with his home care nurse
Physical therapist assisting elderly woman at home

Physical Therapy

Licensed PTs and PTAs help you maximize your independence and mobility, educate you on safety and fall prevention, teach recovery exercises, and help you choose and learn about equipment, such as canes, walkers, and wheelchairs.

Occupational Therapy

Licensed OTs or COTAs educate on safety and fall prevention, teach exercises to aid your recovery, help you use assistive equipment, and help you regain independence with daily tasks such as dressing, bathing, and cooking.

Occupational therapist assisting elderly man at home
Speech therapist assisting elderly woman at her home

Speech Therapy 

Licensed Speech-Language Pathologists help you regain communication skills after an illness or injury, provide training in reading and writing, teach safe swallowing strategies, and help improve memory and cognition. 

Medical Social Work

A licensed Medical Social Worker helps identify community programs to meet healthcare and social needs, imparts coping skills for dealing with illness, helps find health and financial resources, and assists in long-term care planning. 

Medical social worker meeting with elderly man at home
Home health aide nurse assisting elderly man

Home Health Aide

A certified home health aide helps you follow the personal care plan established by your RN; assists with daily tasks, such as dressing, bathing, and meal prep; and communicates with your home health care plan team. 

Medical Services Concept

Yes, we make house calls 

Whether you are post-surgery, aging in place, or addressing an acute or chronic condition, there is no place like home. Principle Choice Home Health partners with you and your family to provide comprehensive, compassionate, respectful care in your Oklahoma home. As a division of Principle Choice Solutions, you can count on us for excellence, advocacy, and reliable healthcare. 

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Patients admitted for home health services must meet specific criteria for admission to be covered by Medicare and/or Insurance. Check with your provider. 

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